Macaws with Your Coffee

So there I was, feeling pretty good. I love early mornings, I’d had my first great night’s sleep in ages and I had a cup of local coffee steaming in my hands. It was 6am and the sun was just coming over the hill. The light was delicious. And as I stood there taking it all in a Scarlet Macaw flew into the tree in front of our kitchen window. As you can imagine feeling “pretty good” quickly became feeling “woohoo ye-ah!”

Rightly or wrongly I’m pretty dedicated to my morning cup of coffee, this morning’s being a zingy perfect-first-thing Costa Rican brew. This was too much though and I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and running out. The tree’s local name translates to “tongue of the cow” Now, I haven’t snogged too many cows but I believe it gets that name because the leaves are pretty rough. It produces loads of tiny little fruits and at this time of year it draws loads of birds to our garden. It seems odd for the macaws with their huge beaks to be foraging on this stuff but given how many different birds show up I guess the fruit must be super yummy. Mmmm mmmmmm cow tongue fruit!

I’d just got outside when another two Scarlets joined the first and I tried to get a few pictures. Despite being released and pretty tame in other situations the macaws were fairly cautious about me. That’s a good thing. I was against the light and with a steep down hill on the other side of the tree. I had to make it work. The results are not perfect poses but I like them.